We are an authorized representative of two leading
and recognized manufacturers of low pressure gas cylinders:

in the field of: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.


has 100 years of history and is a leading manufacturer of welded, low-pressure gas tanks made of aluminum.

The first manufacturer in Europe to produce low-pressure aluminum gas cylinders.

In addition, they have been manufacturing gas containers suitable for the storage and transport of propane and butane (LPG) and refrigerants for industrial and domestic use for 60 years. All aluminum gas tanks from this manufacturer have a TT mark that meets all EU requirements.

They produce aluminum gas containers from 4.86l to 52l. More at www.alucyl.com


is considered to be the largest European manufacturer of low-pressure steel cylinders and the world’s first exporter. Their competitive advantages are based on innovation, customer orientation, high quality products and services, and high productivity..

Their product range includes standard, steel, hybrid and composite LPG containers, technical and refrigerant gases. They have also developed their own, innovative design of LPG containers, which they market under the COMET, XLITE and FOURTIS.


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