Low pressure regulator with valve EN61 1 kg/h 29mbar

Low pressure regulator with valve EN61 1 kg/h 29mbar




The regulator is meant to be used when camping and for leisure. Do not use in enclosed spaces!


Technical specs:  gas flow 0,5 – 1,5kg/h, regulates to working pressure of 30 mbar

Install in an open space and with the valve closed. Make sure that the gasket is clean and in place. When tightening the regulator (counter-clockwise) make sure to only rotate the tightening nut. If you have the regulator WITH valve, screw it into the gas cylinder directly. Don’t install near an open flame. Tighten using hands only, with moderate force and without the use of tools.

Chenck for tightness: check spots, where gas could leak (seams aln seals). Apply soap water over these areas. If no bubbles appear, the seal is tight. If bubbles appear, check the seal again and tighten if neccessary. Never check the seals with a lighter or open flame!

Don’t leave the regulator installed without a gas consuming device attached!

Warranty: we vouch for the quality of the product if it is used according to the user manual and for the purpose it was intended. The warranty timer starts as soon as the customer recieves the product and is void if the customer can’t produce the original receipt. Warranty is void if the client ignored the instructions for use, or if the product sustained mechanical damage that was the user’s fault or if there were unauthorized procedures made with the regulator.

Warranty is valid for the period of 1 year.

With correct use, the life expectancy of the regulator is 10 years. For safety, we recommend changing the regulator in 5 years.

Manufacturer: GOK Regler und Armaturen GmbH &CO.KG, Obernbreiter Straße 4, D-97340 Marktbreit

Type: See product card; Made in: Germany; Certificate: CE0085 BM0270

Gas regulator for boats EN61 0,8 kg/h 30mbar KLF x G1/4LH-KN PS 16bar marine, right angle

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