ALUGAS 11kg TRAVELMate Multiventil

ALUGAS 11kg TRAVELMate Multiventil


Width: 300 mm
Height: 597 mm
Water capacity: 27,2l
Propane: 11,4 kg
Butane: 13,3 kg
Tara weight: 6,6 kg
Test pressure: 30bar
Valve: GAZ (german valve)

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Ideal for camping, caravans and holiday homes.

The TRAVELMate aluminum gas tank is an ideal mobile energy source for all those who especially value independence, flexibility and comfort when traveling. Due to the low weight between gas cylinders, it offers many advantages along the way:

Depending on the model, up to 50% lighter than conventional cylinders and therefore particularly user-friendly.

  • Certified security
  • 100% corrosion and sea water resistance
  • Especially easy and convenient level reading.
  • The remote display in the vehicle can be retrofitted.

For fans of winter camps: much higher evaporation capacity ensures that the valves do not freeze even at low temperatures.

Special bonus:

TravelMate aluminum gas cylinders are not replaceable, but simply refilled – in many countries around the world.

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