alu-mate 2kg

alu-mate 2kg


Width: 186mm
Height: 265mm
Water capacity: 4,8l
Propane-butane: 2kg
Tara weight: 1,86kg
Test pressure: 33 bar
Valve: M16x1,5mm (french valve)

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Aluminum propane butane containers are unique on the market. We developed them for use on sailboats and smaller motor boats. They are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which provides high resistance to external influences and have low weight, which allows our aluminum containers to be used in other areas such as camping and crafts.

The advantages of aluminum containers are:

  • aluminum container does not rust
  • service life 50 years, inspection of the container required only every 10 years
  • up to half the weight, compared to steel gas tanks, allows easier handling and lowering
  • it is ecologically acceptable and environmentally friendly, as it can be fully recycled
  • maintaining the purity of the gas and the related prevention of clogging of the gas installation

It is health-friendly, as it does not require much effort in filling stations and in everyday handling due to its lightness, it is also useful in other areas such as camping, leisure and handicrafts.

The containers are eluxed, which gives them an extra level of protection against damage, making them easy to clean externally.

manufactured in accordance with European Directive 2010/35 / EU (TPED) and ADR / RID, according to standard EN12862: 2000, with test code π 0036.

EKOPOOL D.O.O. since 2007 it has been successfully selling aluminum gas containers for nautical, camping and leisure. As expected, they were well received by boat rental companies, individual boat owners, as well as motorhome and caravan owners.

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